Nailed it !

Nailed It - Cindi Madsen

When I read the blurb I developed grabby hands. I'm addicted to the home repair/flip/home shows on TV. A romance about a yin jang couple working to flip a house, woot woot !
Ivy has a bit of career dread going on, she found her college degree didn't get her where she wanted to be so she's bartending aka floating free and untethered. She has commitment phobia from years of watching her mother cling, burn and crash through many relationships. Her childhood was sadly more shattered than nurtured. When she finds that her mother's ex BFF is selling her broken down home, Ivy jumps on her dream of flipping a house and restoring some of her past. The house was one of the few places she had happy memories growing up. Everything is going well until reality smacks her upside the head and she finds that the TV shows lied about how long and how easy it was. Isn't that always the truth of any repair job ? She calls her BFF for moral support. She the BFF, sends her sexy contractor brother over. Great right ? Yeh, well the sexy brother happens to be her ex, and it ended badly. Drama, drama, drama, with this near hate thing happening between them. Ivy has a huge anti attachment thing, he has a want attachment thing, his family wants him to have a wife and babies thing, and there is the obvious attraction that steams the windows. Well it's tangled web they weave.
Ivy was a bit over the top with her rules, and lists. I wanted to shake her, she was being such an idiot.
This guy as hot, kind, and handy < wink >. Over looking her moments of stupidity I enjoyed this book, it made me smile, chuckle and swoon a bit. The characters are interesting and the story was fun to read. I appreciated the author's choice of endings for the characters it wasn't the obvious route, and that made it better. Bravo Ms. Madsen.