DNF @ 47%

Twice Dead - Caitlin Seal

G to PG rated book- language, deaths and fighting
The book starts out with Naya a young girl trying to win the acceptance of her father sets off on a errand for him that leads to her death and resurrection. She is attacked at the door of her destination and falls to the ground When she wakes she finds herself in a strange place with strange people and her clothes are gone. She is told she's undead, a wraith and it to used to help save them all. Ah but things aren't that easy she must learn how to be a wraith and pass a couple tests. So the book goes into what she must learn. On top of her new death her father left before she woke, she is treated like a vermin and she has no good options if she can't make it There is a possible romance building, possible.
I loved the undead/wraith storyline, it was interesting and had many new ideas added to an old myth. I wish there would have been more story and less character development. It felt like I was just following Naya around as she went back and forth collecting her wraith lessons and never really went anywhere else. There were hints of something and then it went back to the same old story. I didn't like the way this book was written I was bored, tired of Naya and her small world. There was too much inner dialog, not enough action, too many useless detailed information dumps. I didn't find enough interest to continue this series
I received this book for an honest review