Quick and Easy Just The Way I Like Cooking To be

Vegan Bowl Attack!: More than 100 One-Dish Meals Packed with Plant-Based Power - Jackie Sobon

Want to make eating good vegan food easier and faster ? Check this book out. It is packed with easy quick health ideas for keeping your diet on track in these fast paced times. There are food prep recipes to shorten meal prep times, they give you fabulous options when cooking. Okay I struggle with what to pack everyday fro lunch, yeh it gets repetitive. There are some knock out lunch ideas. I know my office groupies will be drooling with lunch envy. I love that there are quick 30 min or less meals as well as feed a crowd quick recipes. Oh let's not forget camping recipes ! The recipes for the basics are there too, bonus.
I tried many recipes but my favorites so far are the Crustless Quiche Bites and the Savory Puff Pastry Tarts, my family has asked for them three times already this month. I think the frozen soup idea is genius, I've loaded my freezer with a couple different soups.
I loved this book. I need more time away from the chore of cooking and this book gives that. I think I'll be gifting it for the holidays