Halloween Bingo Tracking 2018



*9/1   Classic Horror- the Haunting (read)

*9/3   Cryptozoologist-Dead Trees Give No Shelter

9/5   Cozy Mystery 

9/7   New Release-Witch Hunter

9/9   Southern Gothic

*9/11 Terrifying Women- The Well 

9/13 A Grimm Tale- Little Darlings

*9/15 Modern Masters of Horror- The Shinning (read)

9/17 Creepy Carnival-A Ghostly Demise (read)

9/19 Relics and Curiosities 

9/21 Diverse Voices (author of color)

9/23 Murder Most Foul- The Girl From the Well

9/25 Amateur Sleuth- Witch Hunter

9/27 Suspense 

9/29 Supernatural

10/1 Ghost Stories- 

10/3 Doomsday-But You Didn't Come back

10/5 Shifters-Phoenix Unbound

10/7 (13)

10/9 Terror in a small town-

10/11 Darkest London

10/13 Gothic

10/15 Horror-Feed

10/17 fear the Downing Deep

10/19 Spellbound- An Easy Death

10/21 country house

10/23 Dead lands- The Walking Dead #30

10/25 Romantic suspense- The Darkest Star

10/27 Slasher stories

10/29 Modern Noir




Read not called: The Lessor Dead- Modern horror 


Read and called : The Haunting, Joan Lowery Nixon (amateur Sleuth/ghost stories), The Shining Stephen King, A Ghostly Demise (ghost story/creepy carnivals/cozy, Pheniox u bound,mystery/Murder most foul)

Reading listening ( audio) : Gewndys Buttons

Reading : Little Darlings


Need to Daryl- Romantic Supense, and 13

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