Born of Ice (League Series #3)

Born of Ice (League Series #3) - The first 1/2 felt like deja vu after reading Born of Fire.- Man wanted by evil Dark Lord to avenge the wrongs done to him and his family in the past uses women to find said man only to have them going at it like bunnies.-Didn't we just do that one generation up the family tree ? Bah, waste of time. I was about to throw it aside and move on to the third book when the story twisted a bit and gained my interest. The last 1/4 was filled with intense action, revelations and new direction for the next book. ( Which is really good, I've read it before) I still did not like this story. I did not connect to the main characters as much as in her other books. Now I remember why I skipped this book in my first reading of this series. I was warned it was a reclyced story.