Tsunami Blue

Tsunami Blue - Gayle Ann Williams 3.5 stars for originality and my love of ocean stories- It was a great story with a girl that the ocean talks to, it tells her of up coming tsunami's starting with the one in Singapore 2004. The world become a "water world" with pirates all nasty and disgusting, reeking terror on sea and land. The nasties are truly nasty and the cities left are ugly and ruled with gangs and thieves.This part was very good.I had trouble with another part of the book, she is a virgin/he is not, she fell for him too easy. It did not fit her character at all, she became this wishy washy girl instead of a tough survivalist we were lead to believe she is. Oh, and this part made me want to scream, he practiced with her to get her ready for his enormous...over and over, oh please don't put that in your next novel Ms. Williams the story was good on it's own with out the stupid bits. Even with the few flaws and yes there were just a few, I look forward to reading more work from this authorA fast book I finished in two days.