Diary of a Mad Fat Girl - Stephanie McAfee I am ashamed that I finished this one. Ace, she was the weakest character I have ever had the displeasure of reading. This 30 year old woman, a teacher, acted like a 12 year old spoiled teenager. She would turn on her friends in a second, cheat, lie and talk behind everyones back. I couldn't find one redeemable trace in her personality. So why did I keep going ? The other characters, the ones that put up with her horribleness. I was waiting for them to tell her to piss off, I needed it.I even felt sorry for her dog, he deserved better. She locked him in a car outside a strip club, then got arrested leaving him in the car for hours ?!?! it just keep getting worse, she got more abusive to everyone.I want my time back. When will I learn, hopefully this one did the trick. When it this much doubt throw it out ! it got 2 stars for the extra characters.