Dark, Twisted, Romantic and Adventurous -My kind of Book

Taste of Darkness - Maria V. Snyder

This third book in the series starts with a missing and presumed dead Kerrick. Avey searches for him, even though she feels nothing of him in the forest. Most believe him dead and this makes searching for him not a high priority. This is a time of war, a time of desperation and fear, man power is needed to fight not search. It is heartbreaking to read of Avery’s desperate need to find him and her unending belief that he is alive and they will be reunited.
There is a new level of bad going on. This book goes deeper into death and despair than the previous ones. Tohon, is back and bad as ever. His being bonded to Avey is bringing on a whole new set of problems. There is another big bad, the Skelton King. This guy is wicked and very scary. Things look very bad, many will fall his blackness spreads and the war may be lost.
I enjoyed this third book completely. It was horrific where is should have been. Adventurous in an edge of your seat way. Romantic with an unfaltering love, that warmed my heart.