Tavi Comes Into Power and Shakes the World

Captain's Fury (Codex Alera, Book 4) - Jim Butcher

*Spoilers if you have not read the previous books

The short-Tavi's coming of age and power, the First Lord finally makes a move and love shines in Alera, War takes a huge toll.

It's all that and a bucket of chicken !


I feel like I have known Tavi all his life. Well, I have in a literary sense. He has gone from this little insecure child to an awkward teenager to this new confident capable man. He is in his early twenties now and faces some horrible circumstances, he must be the voice and mind of salvation. He takes extreme risks there is no other choice. 


I admit I felt proud of him. Our Tavi, what a man he has turned into. :D

The war is on, blood flows like a river. Horrors come to light that show things are worse than ever thought. The First Lord has to make a move, finally. He heads out with Bernard and Amara on a quest that most likely will fail. There they will be involved in something so horrific, everything will change.

Araris and Isana win for best couple in this edition. What a pair they make. I loved seeing them work together while fighting the dangers before them and supporting Tavi.

Another great adventure, across land, swamp, field, and even over water. The mind games and the twisted lies all play together so perfectly. In the end I was left cheering, and clapping for these heroes and even the villains.