Blink, They Are Closer, Blink, You are Gone

Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel: The Monster Collection Edition - Jonathan Morris

Blink, there the shadow is closer. Blink a hand closes over your shoulder. Blink, sharp teeth and blank eyes are inches away. Blink, you're in another time. Don't Blink.
A Dr. Who Weeping Angel novel ! Yes, a novel. I thought his was a comic/ graphic novel when I got it, but was thrilled to find a full length read at my finger tips. Happy Happy Happy me !
The Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves dealing with a grief stricken man who wants to change his past desperately. His travels send the angels after him. they want him to disrupt history. They feed off time paradoxes, and he has the ability to give them a smorgasbord. His future and his past are so intwined the heroes have a difficult time finding the exact change he makes that has the Angels hunting him. They get very close, everyone is running and the Man is hiding something that may change the future in a devastating way. He will not cooperate and time is running out.
I loved it, couldn't wait to read another chapter and got the tingles with this book. The author did a fabulous job. I felt the terror, the urgency, it was invigorating. I plan on reading every book I can in this series. Dr. Who fans should not miss this.
4.4 stars