Alien Virgin Cheese

Run To You  - Rachel Gibson

Meh, What a disappointment. I did not believe these two where really together at in point in the book. The story was cheesy and the virginal "I'm saving myself for marriage." was just a waste of words. This couple threw that vow ou and got down on their knees super fast. It was cheesy, alien cheesy. This couple were way out there beyond a realm of a reality I could believe in.  is it possible that I fell asleep or into a wormhole while munching on my cheese and crackers ? When did all this love connection happen ? They were at a drag bar, blink, they were traveling cross country, blink they were visiting each others forbidden sections, blink they where engaged. (did you picture angel statues there ? ) 8 days, that was eight days, had to be the wormhole effect.

Negative Nancy here has another nasty thing to gripe about- the narrator; did the publisher listen to her do a male voice ? These macho GI Joe types guys sounded like they had the mumps and a bad case of constipation. It was terrible if you don't get my in your face meaning !