Oh Will you Please Just Tell Someone !!!!!!!

Irresistible Force - D.D. Ayres

James a K-9 officer is searching for his stolen partner, Bogart. It has been a month and he has finally narrowed in on his location. He witnesses the prime suspect playing fetch with his partner in front of a cabin. He hardly pays attention to the man in the woods dressed in camp and carrying a riffle. ( oh really ?) When he confronts the prime suspect a skittish woman with serious denial issues. She will not admit that the dog she adopted a month ago is his dog no matter how much the dog listens to him. Somehow James gets dragged into her mess of a life after a one night stand and thrown out of the house after glow drives him (in my opinion) insane.
I didn’t like the story, I loved the dog, I semi-enjoyed the twisted humans reeking havoc is some very unconventional ways, minus the sick cat toss (OMg!) I did not like the main character Shay. She ruined this story for me.
Shay, the victim. Honestly, what is up with this chick ? She has a traumatic past, a sealed juvenile record, a wacko ex, and no ability to speak up. I get it she has had some things happen, but I don’t get her silence. She seem to have this unwavering need to stick her head in the sand and click her heels to make things go away. Things like, harassing calls, sexual harassment, rape, keyed car, stalking, shadows lurking, and a dead cat ! Her handling of the cat, I was cheering for the neighbor to club her upside the head and knock some sense into her. Then there is the wam-bam I want sex now, (flash) get the heck out, method of mating. Whiplash girl ! I thought she was three shades of crazy, with her that’s my dog, to her head in the sand, after her past ?!?! There was one other massively stupid thing in the many she did, she walks off with Mr. Crazy into a room secluded from everyone, just as dumb as a girl could be. (dee dee dee) Yes, I hated this character, she played the victim card, put others in danger with her idiocy, treated people like trash and Grrrr, enough I hope to never meet her again.
James, the wonder cop and his partner Bogart. Bogart was the true main character of the story. He was all teeth and tail, he didn’t put up with wishy washy treatment. James, he seemed to like being treated like a throw out man, he came back over and over.
I can not continue this series. It was not what I like to read at all.


** After a couple days of thinking. This story is sticking like gum on my shoe. I'm getting more questions and more head shalking. Like what the cat thrown under the tire had to do with the story ? It was disgusting, and what was the purpose of it happening ? Did I miss something it seemed to be this almost random weird horrible thing without explanation, or the bad guy going mwahahahha !